Connecting trillions of smart things

Machines connected to each other – and people with implanted microchips – are revolutionising industry and enriching everyday lives

The rise of the machines

Machine-to-machine communication is driving the internet of things and many successful businesses, says Kristina Hagström, managing director of FältCom Ltd

Helping to bring things together

The internet has revolutionised the world around us, in our homes and professional lives – yet this may be nothing compared to the next technological revolution, the so-called internet of things

The role of cloud in tech trends

The role of cloud in tech trends

According to researchers at Gartner, the physical and digital worlds are merging – increasingly in the cloud – with machine intelligence processing the resulting information, impacting on businesses and consumers alike

A home that knows you

Finger Print scan

Some applications are still in their infancy, but biometrics used in smart tech buildings is coming of age

Smart homes need reliable connectivity

Smart homes need reliable connectivity

Technology is transforming the way we live and the homes we live in as smart gadgets connect to the future

8 top techs to smarten up your home

8 top techs to smarten up your home

The consumer market is about to be hit by an avalanche of smart products. Raconteur reviews eight of the best already on sale

A health app a day keeps the doctor away

A health app a day keeps the doctor away

Consumerisation of medical devices not only provides individuals with at-home health monitoring, it also encourages healthy lifestyles and keeps people out of hospital