Beauty star rising among India’s rich

Indian fashion designer Abhi Singh’s spring summer collection at the Amazon India Fashion Week in New Delhi in October

The beauty economy is blossoming in India among the world’s biggest democracy’s rising middle classes

Burberry: a lesson on leadership and succession

Burberry CCO Christopher Bailey

Recent difficulties at luxury fashion brand Burberry illustrate the vital importance of leadership roles and the need for a smooth succession of power

Luxury brands are lagging behind online

Catwalk during fashion week

E-commerce technology and data analytics can lure in lovers of luxury fashion, despite a desire to remain exclusive

Bringing colour back to the jewellery trade

The gemstones industry is proving resilient to the global turmoil in luxury goods, as the sector’s market leader aims to mimic the diamond trade’s success

Crafting timeless British luxury

British luxury has a perennial allure, but the industry faces challenges in a sometimes volatile global market

Feeling the quality

The English company, with a claim to inventing the T-shirt, is expanding to export their quality clothing around the world

Tiffany boxes, Net-A-Porter bags, and the best of luxury packaging

Luxury brands seek to offer packaging which, for one reason or another, their customers will not wish to throw away

The spirit of a brand has a special flavour

David Gates, Diageo’s global head of premium core spirit brands

David Gates, a top executive with the world’s largest producer of spirits, British multinational Diageo, tells how he is selling a range of brands worldwide – and teaming up with David Beckham