Has the London ORB achieved its goals?

ORB London

It was meant to provide corporate issuers with an efficient market to distribute bonds to private investors, but issuance on the London ORB has slowed, while other innovative forms of financing have boomed

Will the UK ever experience seamless travel?

As infrastructure projects promise to increase connections between distant regions in the UK, rolling out London’s account-based ticketing system nationwide could be a boon for domestic business travel

Embracing the rise of new UK tech hubs

From Bristol to Dundee, many regions outside of London are becoming hubs for technology startups in their own right

Why things are looking good for advertising

‘Our industry – the keepers of brands and imagery, the content makers and human connectors – has an incredible opportunity to lead the way forward’

The race to become the world’s leading leading Islamic fintech hub

The race is on to become the world’s leading Islamic fintech hub, with London and the UK putting in a strong bid

London: a honeypot for property fraud

London property Fraud

Dirty money is being laundered in the London property market by criminals hiding behind anonymous shell companies, pushing up prices beyond the reach of ordinary Londoners

Now London is competing for business with the North


Rising commercial and residential property prices in London and the South East mean more businesses are relocating and workers moving north, seeking a better quality of life

Nine Elms: how to deliver a mega-project

Digital sketch of the completed Nine Elms development

Collaboration is essential to deliver a mega-project, such as London’s Nine Elms development, involving numerous agencies with varied requirements