Pill journey along complex supply chains

New technologies, such as the cloud and artificial intelligence, have transformed pharmaceutical supply chains from materials supplier to manufacturer, wholesaler to pharmacy and on to patients

How can you improve last-mile logistics?

Man standing with bicycle holding phone

Forward-thinking technologies are being used to improve efficiency in the last mile of deliveries, which still account for a sizeable portion of supply chain costs and much of the traffic on our roads

How 5G and IoT are revolutionising logistics

While mobile phone users and service providers debate the relative cost and uses of 5G, the sector most likely to benefit from the high-performance network is the logistics industry

How XR is powering the fourth industrial revolution

Coupled with data from the internet of things, extended reality is changing the way people work and driving industrial innovation

Decarbonising deliveries: making logistics sustainable

In an era of ever-rising ecommerce, consumers and delivery firms increasingly demand cleaner logistics, but who is driving change?

Can you wish for happy returns?

Dealing with returns can be a logistical headache and can hit profits hard, but a clear strategy can help ease the pain

Flexible agreements allow supply to flow

An unambiguous and workable contract, which enables a supplier to deliver on their promises, is an essential link in any successful supply chain

Industry in motion moving with shifting demand

Changing production and market conditions are impacting on the logistics industry, writes Chris Johnston