The rise of global litigation funding

Litigation funding going global

An industry that is only set to grow stronger, litigation funding is extending its international reach

Now litigation has value worth investment

Large corporates are waking up to a new source of finance when there’s no other money to fund a law suit

Is litigation worth the expense and emotional cost?

Litigation can be unpredictable, the financial cost is uncertain and there is also an emotional price to pay if things get personal

Legal eagles across the pond

Adoption of technology by law firms differs significantly in England and Wales compared with the United States, as Jonathan Ames discovers

Get help with the regulator

The financial services and other highly regulated sectors are coming under increased scrutiny, both from regulators and the wider public, says QuisLex

Standing up in court

How best to protect your intellectual property rights from infringement may be through litigation or a compromise arrangement, as Jonathan Ames reports

Know your competitors

Many organisations create a patent or intellectual property landscape only when bringing a new product to market or when another business asserts a patent against them. Yet, maintaining a comprehensive, real-world understanding of the patents being filed and who is filing them can be a source of significant competitive advantage

Taking care of big ideas looks after the bottom line

Protecting innovation to enable a full return on investment is a matter of commercial necessity and professional pride, writes James Dean