Rights for robots: why we need better AI regulation

Legal regulation

As artificial intelligence and machine-learning increasingly take more decisions from humans, the technologies’ status in law needs to evolve

Including general counsel could prevent scandal

Danske Bank of Denmark announced last month that more than €200 billion in laundered, illegal money had passed through its Estonia branch’s coffers

GDPR: Europe is taking the lead in data protection

eu flags waving in front of the european union parliament building gdpr

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is precedent-setting legislation which extends EU jurisdiction beyond Europe

Protecting the rule of law from populist threats

Protest in Philippines

Threats to the rule of law are a major problem that should not be underestimated in risk areas, including the UK

Legal clarity in the cloud

Cloud computing offers substantial benefits, but the legal sector should be aware of potential dangers, as Michael Cross reports

Legal eagles across the pond

Adoption of technology by law firms differs significantly in England and Wales compared with the United States, as Jonathan Ames discovers