How technology is granting public access to justice

Technology has the potential to democratise the law, opening up judgments and representation to the under-represented

Including general counsel could prevent scandal

Danske Bank of Denmark announced last month that more than €200 billion in laundered, illegal money had passed through its Estonia branch’s coffers

Does your company need a specialist technology lawyer?

In-house technology lawyers have a pivotal role to play in the development and marketing of innovative tech products

Q&A: Why offer pro bono legal representation?

Graham Huntley pro bono q & a

It’s hard to think of two places less alike than a Jamaican jail and the City of London. So why does Graham Huntley, a specialist in commercial and banking litigation, and chairman of the Capital Cases Charitable Trust, defend prisoners in the Caribbean?

Franchising to expand your business


If you are considering expanding your business, stop – you could have overlooked a method that could save you time and money

Getting more bang for your legal buck

Law firms recovering from fee rate squeezes of the Great Recession are under increasing pressure to add value to their clients’ business

Innovative pricing, shredded ambition

Paul Gilbert

In-house legal teams and law firms should be more accountable for changing self-interested behaviour, says Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel

Advantage and legal risk of social media

Peter Wright

Law Society council member Peter Wright warns of dangers when businesses interact on social media