Teaching computers to see the world like us

Machines that can obtain information from images and multi-dimensional data have been around for years, but what does the future hold for computer vision?

Why you must create space for workplace learning

Business leaders are wrestling with how to integrate formal and informal learning spaces at work to nurture a necessary upskilling culture

Educating children for the jobs of the future

In an uncertain world, the only certainty is change, so young people should be taught how to adapt in a constantly changing working environment

Essential education: future jobs must be taught with tech

Applications of technology in classrooms can add great value, but leave room for the human interactions of skilled teachers

How to build a learning culture - from those who’ve done it

Supervisor and apprentice at printing house

Among the answers: lead from the top and don’t be afraid of failure

Taking a lesson from Winston Churchill

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” said Sir Winston Churchill—surely one of history’s most impressive on-the-job learners. In addition to his two terms as British prime minister, Churchill served as an MP, first lord admiralty of the navy and chancellor of the exchequer. He served in the army, could pilot [Read more]

Combat the skills crisis with lifelong learning

Lifelong learning skills

A shift in attitude from having a job for life to continuous learning in work can keep the UK workforce relevant and as agile as the changing marketplace

Can businesses make the new apprenticeship levy work?


Employers are still evaluating the full impact of the apprenticeship levy, seen by some as a tax and by others as a new training opportunity