Man and Machine


The key to ultimate legal efficiency is using specialist lawyers in tandem with sophisticated technology, says Daniel Kavan, head of evidence consultancy and managed review at Kroll Ontrack, working with clients across the United Kingdom and Europe

Law outsiders are on the inside

New ways of working and alternative business models are set to rock the legal world, as Neil Rose reports

Changing role of in-house lawyers

Senior in-house lawyers must deliver efficiency as well as legal excellence in an increasingly challenging corporate climate, writes Ben Rigby

Cyber security and innovation

Cyber security can drive innovation in legal services as well as protect professional privilege, says Timothy Hill, technology policy adviser at The Law Society of England and Wales

Legal fees on trial

How lawyers charge clients is changing, but the billable hour refuses to die, as Edward Fennell reports

No more paper trails to trial…

Disclosure of electronically stored information can be a time-consuming and costly exercise unless technology is on your side, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Essential tool in age of big data

Technology assisted review is providing a critical advantage in the search and analysis of large data volumes, says Martin Bonney, director, international consulting services, at Epiq Systems

Bringing time up to date

Latest software helps law firms take the pain out of time management and lets lawyers get on with the job, says Intapp