A case study in business transformation

Fortitude and forward thinking to grasp business opportunities

One of America’s most powerful female lawyers tells Raymond Snoddy how she oversaw two successful mergers which transformed her law firm

Tech is driving force of legal shake-up

echnology is driving force of legal evolution

A seismic shake-up of the legal profession is altering the very structure of the traditional law practice

Do law firms fit the bill?

Do law firms fit the bill

How law firms and barristers bill clients can be a bone of contention, with evermore varied pricing mechanisms, but there are better ways of charging

Innovative pricing, shredded ambition

Paul Gilbert

In-house legal teams and law firms should be more accountable for changing self-interested behaviour, says Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel

Legal process outsourcing builds business

LPO builds business

Once viewed primarily as a way of cutting costs, legal process outsourcing has much more to offer

Growth of E-discovery

Tech to go bigger, deeper and faster

E-discovery and e-disclosure have been embraced by the law, but which is the best software and what is left to learn?

What tomorrow may bring the law

Law sculpture

What do corporate clients expect from the law firm of tomorrow and what steps are firms taking to meet those expectations?

Advantage and legal risk of social media

Peter Wright

Law Society council member Peter Wright warns of dangers when businesses interact on social media