Educating children for the jobs of the future

In an uncertain world, the only certainty is change, so young people should be taught how to adapt in a constantly changing working environment

Automation and public sector jobs

Automating some public sector jobs may be inevitable, but it presents opportunities to rethink priorities and create new roles

The importance of creating meaningful work

creating meaningful work

Mindless tasks and meaningless jobs are not only boring and demoralising, but they also pull organisations and the economy down

Automation: is Trump ignoring potential job losses?

The Trump administration has made job creation a central focus and dismissed the threat that automation poses to the American blue- collar workforce

Jobs lost to automation is a political issue, but one that US President Donald Trump seems to be ignoring, despite voters’ concerns

Ambitious apprenticeships targets need new mindsets

vocational education

The Apprenticeship Levy will create opportunities for thousands of young people nationwide, though a change in attitudes is vital for meaningful change

Top 10 UK apprenticeships

Apprenticeships theatre (2)

Apprentices want intense training, a clear career path, good pay, and to be inspired. Here are ten fantastic roles that tick all boxes

Connected machines will create better jobs

Rolls-Royce’s IoT systems notify the engineering company when maintenance and upgrades are due

Negative stories have surrounded the internet of things and job losses have been their focus, but a more accurate analysis reveals a shift in the skills needed towards services

Will robots actually take your job?

Robots taking job from humans

Should we ready ourselves for a world where algorithms replace instincts and there are more robots than workers?