Who’s in charge of agile transformation?

Enterprise agility requires a solid strategy and strong leadership, and collaboration among a company’s decision-makers is vital. But who plays the captain’s role?

A day in the life of a programmer

They occupy a role that barely existed half a century ago and possess some of the most in-demand skills in businesses today. But how will programmers' roles change as automation takes hold?

Educating children for the jobs of the future

In an uncertain world, the only certainty is change, so young people should be taught how to adapt in a constantly changing working environment

Manufacturing jobs: “new collar” replaces blue collar

Politicians are getting fired up about manufacturing as economic nationalism is on the rise, but how well do they understand blue collar jobs?

The importance of creating meaningful work

creating meaningful work

Mindless tasks and meaningless jobs are not only boring and demoralising, but they also pull organisations and the economy down

No time to stand still

Professionals trying to conquer a digital maze

How can companies hire and embed the right talent to address the digital shift?