Banks need more than ‘faster horses’

Banks need more than faster horses

Antiquated technology is hindering established banks and financial firms who are failing to provide customers with the services they demand

Creating headroom for digital innovation


Technology business management helps optimise IT costs for digital business, says Apptio

New perspectives on outsourcing

Reasons to outsource

Raconteur asked three company executives why they chose to outsource a core business function

Software development talent 3.0: The best of both worlds


The latest offering in the world of software development enables clients to expand their existing capability. You can hire top-quality, highly experienced people at a very low total cost and achieve the productivity you need to enable you to deliver your business requirements

Third way for IT procurement

Third way for IT procurement

The public sector typically swings between centralised and localised approaches to IT procurement. Could devolution drive a federated “third way” that offers the best of both worlds? David Bicknell reports

Making digital government work


cBrain’s F2 case and document management software is driving departmental productivity in the Danish government, creating greater transparency and making users happier

From optimism to catastrophe

It’s acceptable to pull the plug on a project when you’ve done everything right and still it goes wrong, says Professor Eddie Obeng

Big challenges from big data

What do you need to be a big data power-user? Thank mercy the answers to that are clearer than even a year ago. The industry is consolidating and tweaking tools so that even the most nervous of firms can start dabbling with big data. Charles Orton-Jones details what you need to know