CIOs at the heart of digital shift


Chief information officers have a pivotal role to play in a digital data-driven era when their performance can make or break an organisation

Magnificent seven are UK’s IT hotshots


Meet the industry trailblazers transforming their sectors. From the British Army’s first chief information officer to cracking the role of newspapers in the digital age, here are seven pioneers redefining the job

Protecting brand reputation in the wake of a cyber attack

A brand’s reputation can be the biggest casualty in a cyber attack, evidenced by high-profile resignations of company executives and plummeting share prices in the aftermath of a data security breach

Companies caught in cyber warfare crossfire

If governments and rogue states go to war in cyberspace, companies big and small can become targets as state-sponsored cyber warriors attempt to cause chaos

Dispelling cloud security myths

Cloud Industry Forum research reveals that while 70 per cent of businesses cite concerns about security when moving to the cloud, 99 per cent never experience a breach when there

Current state of outsourcing relationships: the watermelon effect

The world of business and IT outsourcing is changing at a rapid pace. The need of the hour is a fresh approach towards innovation, automation and customer centricity

IT: The driving force behind business innovation

With technology at the core of business, those with the ability to master it and in turn connect the workforce have the power to spark change

Taming A Multi-Headed Business Monster

Such is the vast array of technology on offer, organisations are spoilt for choice, but to succeed they must select the best business tools which connect staff, customers and suppliers