Angry Birds, Star Wars and Frozen: the value of lucrative IP merchandising deals

Buying and selling intellectual property rights in lucrative merchandising deals can be a win-win proposition

Euro-changes aim to simplify patents law

Changes in the law, notably a unitary European patent and Unified Patent Court, are set to transform the legal landscape of intellectual property

Is litigation worth the expense and emotional cost?

Litigation can be unpredictable, the financial cost is uncertain and there is also an emotional price to pay if things get personal

What is intellectual property worth?

Although a difficult process, achieving a realistic valuation of intellectual property can be central to business success

Increasing collaboration in car patents market

While car manufacturers are protecting more of their commercial secrets, they are also going public to collaborate on some key design strategies

Determined hackers pose a growing risk

Cyber theft can be an easy way to steal valuable secrets with sometimes devastating effects, so organisations must remain vigilant against an increasing threat

Understanding true economic value of trademarks

Trademarks and intellectual property play a vital role in developing brands, promoting competition, driving economic growth and protecting consumers says Etienne Sanz de Acedo, Chief executive International Trademark Association

IP and brand value

Companies should be specialising in strategic, holistic and cost-effective approaches to brand protection and enforcement, says Julius Stobbs