Unpicking the IP legal tangle of Brexit

The Royal Court of Justice

Confused by a snap general election, Brexit poses problems for intellectual property lawyers and their clients seeking protection of the law

Copyright in the movies

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood

The movies shine a spotlight on the issue of copyright, protecting authors and studios alike

Protecting IP from bloggers and tweeters

Twitter billboard

With possible infringements of intellectual property rights online, social media has added an extra layer of complexity to the law

Tech giants battle for trade secrets

Facebook was this year slapped with a $500-million fine for IP infringement and false designation over its virtual reality technology

Stealing trade secrets can be ruinous for a company aiming to get rich by marketing intellectual property belonging to a potential competitor

Patents are lifeblood of pharmas

Pharama production line

Safeguarding intellectual property is essential for pharmaceutical companies that need a monopoly period to recoup often substantial investment

The true story of fake goods being sold online

Almost 90 per cent of Apple products sold on Amazon’s US site are reportedly fakes

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, are fertile ground for fraudsters selling fake goods at knockdown prices to eager shoppers

8 times the underdog won a IP battle

The Starbucks “duffin”

Lady Justice wears a blindfold, holding her scales to weigh the law impartially, without reference to wealth, power or status. But can a minnow really win an intellectual property case against a better-funded adversary?

Canada gets tough on pharmas


The Canadian government is probably one the last suspects when it comes to charges of stifling innovation, but the pharmaceutical world is still struggling to deal with its hard-line approach to patent law