Should private finance stop investing in infrastructure?

bird's eye view of Heathrow runway with planes on it

Concern over investing in regulated sectors is damaging UK infrastructure, but private finance is essential to meet future needs

High-growth business lessons: 7 cautionary tales

High-growth businesses can run into financial trouble when confronted by tight-fisted banks or reluctant investors. Here are seven traumatic tales from the front line

Unicorn hunting among the startups

The internet of things presents a prime opportunity for newcomers to make their billion-pound fortunes

Investment tips from Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, one of Britain’s most successful software entrepreneurs, tells Raconteur what to look for when investing in technology companies

A better way to manage your money


Would you like up to 7 per cent return after fees, low charges and investments tailored to your needs?

Investors fearing election stalemate demand more support from politicians

Figures and Data

Investors are calling on political parties for a fair deal from the next government.

Private equity and the real world


The challenge entrepreneurs and private equity investors face is translating the fundamentally different approach each has to dealing with risk and uncertainty, says Mike Driver, partner at Convex Capital

Downturn triggered deal upsurge

With traditional bank lending under strain, an alternative form of corporate funding is taking off, as Elliot Wilson reports