The rise of sukuk and Islamic investment in the West

Islamic law prohibits riba, or interest, therefore prohibiting traditional Western debt instruments as investment vehicles, but the sukuk is used to link borrowing with the purchase of a specific asset

Renewables: the most economic energy choice

IRENA director general Adnan Amin

Once relegated to an environmental alternative, renewables are becoming the most economic energy choice

Why the UK must invest in smart factories

Where does the birthplace of the first industrial revolution stand in the race to be at the forefront of the fourth iteration?

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How to make the best investment decisions: ETFs vs stock-pickers

Debate on ETFs vs stock-pickers

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CEOs struggle to balance shareholder returns and growth

CEO struggling in meeting

Company bosses may be increasingly under pressure from shareholders pursuing short-term dividends rather than longer-term growth

Billion-dollar babies born from tech

Roku lists on Nasdaq launch

Buoyant financial markets, with a risk appetite for technology companies, are nurturing more than 200 tech unicorns worldwide

Pension funds take more control with private investments

Alibaba investments

Rather than investing via private equity, some of the biggest pension funds are finding an advantage in going direct