Engaging new lines of communication

Switching to an internet-based telephone system not only cuts costs but also offers significant improvements in efficiency and customer service, as Jessica Twentyman discovers

Caring about wellbeing in cyberspace

Dr Christine Grant, occupational psychologist and university lecturer, explores the advantages of being “connected” and how best to deal with the pressures of a “switched-on” workspace

Aim high and keep spending low

Unifying communications means smaller businesses can spread themselves further afield, take on larger competitors and attract better customers, as long as their vision extends beyond initial technology, writes Sue Tabbitt

Beauty clicks in cyberspace

From bloggers to beauty e-tail, the stratospheric rise of the online market is causing waves throughout the industry. Brands that are smart will set sail for the exciting new world of digital beauty, as Lisa Eldridge reports

Seeing big data through the cloud

The challenges of cloud-based big data storage can be outweighed by the considerable opportunities it offers, as James Silver discovers in conversation with leading executives in the sector

What’s so big about big data?

Harvard Business School’s Thomas H. Davenport urges British business to seize the opportunity big data presents to surge ahead of competitors

Economic crime is big business for fraudsters

Fraud affects businesses of all types and sizes, and can adversely impact the financial health of any organisation, its image and reputation, as Joanna Goodman reports

Online dragons help to make a killing

Banks are no longer the only game in town. A host of new firms have sprung up offering small businesses an alternative route to finance. Kate Bassett looks at six of them