Four steps to overseas expansion

As retail revenues plateau in Western markets there have been some notable successes for British companies and brands penetrating developing markets. While this is a popular means of reaching new growth targets and boosting returns in overall portfolios, choosing a developing market is more complex than looking through the traditional bricks-and-mortar lens to determine where [Read more]

2013 mobile business predictions

The mobile business sector is notoriously difficult to predict, but Nick Huber analyses market trends and tips the ones to watch

Tweets and posts spread the word and can save the day

Two leaders in the field of incorporating social media into customer service tell Jennie Little how establishing a digital presence can benefit a business

Opening up the code for innovation

Developed by a community of volunteers and made freely available, open source software is attracting attention and challenging proprietary packages, writes Rod Newing

Ensuring better connections suit patients’ needs

A model for healthcare delivery that leverages technology can maximise resources, and better engage clinicians and patients, as Corinne Swainger reports

Can chat convert to sales on the hype network?

Despite reports of growth, social purchasing remains a niche player or marketing medium, writes James Silver

Focus on building consistent brand

Marketing, public relations and customer service have traditionally existed separately in silos but, as Jane Simms reports, they are increasingly coming together

Fulfilling the brand promise

Brands must strive for consistently high quality and control their identity without killing local flexibility, as David Benady reports