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Better use of technology and customer data can give financial institutions a valuable competitive edge, says Fiserv

Rise of on-demand outsourcing

Rise of on-demand outsourcing

Speedy communications and impatient customers are forcing organisations into new ways of working . Outsourcing to third parties on a pay-as-you-go basis is one solution growing in popularity

Jargon buster

Gabriella Griffith puts the cloud into plain English

The Digital Revolution

“Simplify the cloud” is a common request, but all too often it is still articulated in very technical terms. Rob Price, head of digital at Atos UK&I, offers an alternative, four-point simplification and considers how organisations are transforming their businesses to thrive in a digital economy

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Doctors are finding innovative ways of treating patients with technology that saves time, money and lives, writes Victoria Lambert

How technology can inform care and treatment

Healthcare professionals should not hold back from interacting with patients on social media, says online expert Michael Seres

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Newcomers to the UK payments industry hope to find the elusive formula for worldwide success, as Richard Handford discovers