Fighting the meme ban to protect internet freedom

hands holding phone through railings

As the law plays catch-up with the digital revolution, experts have raised concerns over impending copyright rules and their potential impact on sharing information online

How ultrafast internet will transform business

Ever-faster internet speeds are not just about swifter data transfers; they are spawning new business processes and other innovations

Repeal of net neutrality raises fears worldwide

Activists outside the Federal Communication Commission

America’s move to abandon a free and open internet could have ripple effects which critics fear will become a global tsunami

Cloud catapulting startups into the big league

rocket entering space illustration

The cloud is a small business’s best friend, with its power and reach developing all the time, offering a greater range of services

5G is key to UK digital development

The Digital Economy 2017 main image

Despite some disappointing 4G connections, the government is planning a 5G internet future as the launch pad for the UK’s digital economy

What hackers are REALLY like

Cover illustration for Cyber Security Special Report

In the wake of the Tesco Bank hack, which saw 9,000 customer accounts targeted, cyber security experts are warning of organised online crime gangs operating like a digital mafia

Delving into the world of the dark web

It can be a dangerous and murky den of criminality – ironically the Dark Web was the brainchild of US government agents and is now colonised by organised cyber criminals

Digital set to drive UK economic growth

Digital set to drive UK economic growth

Powered by the internet, digital technology has transformed the world economy and positioned the UK at the forefront of its future development