Global payments: sparking a remittance revolution

Future of Payments special report Raconteur

Business money transfers have been slow to digitise and have fallen behind consumer payments

Cross-border payments opening up new trade opportunities

Improved payments systems have broken down geographical barriers to world trade and enabled more UK companies to export

New payments tech is oiling wheels of trade

Fast developing technology is enabling shared financial infrastructure which can streamline cross-border payments and facilitate greater international trade

Launch of the China International Payments System

China International Payments System

China’s response to the SWIFT international payments system should bring good news for corporate treasurers with lower costs and more efficient settlement of transactions in renminbi

Buying with certainty

Fluctuating exchange rates can be a nightmare for the British buying property in France. Luckily help is at hand – for those who know where to look

Delivering cash from abroad

Of all the risks facing businesses exporting goods and services abroad, the biggest are those that hit you in the pocket. Delivering the goods is one thing, getting paid is quite another. Dan Matthews looks for a solution