Iran returns to the international fold

As sanctions on Iran are lifted, residents of Tehran are hopeful that a return to the international fold will restore the city’s lost prosperity. We spoke to Iranians, from all walks of life, about how their businesses and lives have changed since the new nuclear agreement last year . Photography by Maryam Rahmanian

International franchising is finding a home in the UK

A robust economy, full employment and confident consumers are factors behind the UK’s appeal to international franchisors looking for overseas markets – creating opportunities for those appointed to establish and grow the brand

Abundance of cash sees rise in mega deals

The global mergers and acquisitions market is buoyant in a sea of cheap cash, pushing prices ever higher

Finding the will and the way to export

Government export targets may be difficult to hit, but there are optimistic signs of emerging businesses boosting UK trade abroad

Down but are BRICs out?

What happened to the so-called BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China that once offered such great economic promise?

Why Tesco failed to crack China

Tesco store in China

Tesco’s solo failure to crack the Chinese market can teach other firms looking to expand abroad some valuable lessons

Five golden rules for successful international expansion

Alan Giddins, managing partner and co-head of private equity at 3i, which focuses on internationalising mid-market businesses with an enterprise value of £100 million to £500 million, outlines his top tips for successfully accessing new markets

Launch of the China International Payments System

China International Payments System

China’s response to the SWIFT international payments system should bring good news for corporate treasurers with lower costs and more efficient settlement of transactions in renminbi