Why you should hire from within

The possibility of promotion is a huge incentive for employees, but how do you become a company with an internal conveyor belt of talent?

Brand ‘buy-in’ means bigger company profits

Professionals in the office

Engaging employees with brand identity will pay off in better products and services for customers, as well as improved staff morale, and show in the company’s bottom line

When a pat on the back is worth more than a pay rise

Timely recognition of a job well done can be enough to energise and motivate staff – and worth more than a pay rise

Integrate risk to balance the books

Companies are increasingly being urged to adopt integrated reporting, identifying business risks as well as opportunities, writes Rob Langston

Using technology to test staff commitment

Once dominated by hunches and feelings, evaluating and boosting staff engagement can now be aided by hard-nosed statistics and technology, writes Jessica Twentyman

Knowing your staff

No matter how good a benefits scheme is, it will not flourish if staff are unaware of all that is on offer, as Alison Coleman reports