How to manage ‘internet of assets’

Asset management internet city

The discipline of asset management is evolving with the changing nature of business in a fast-moving digital world

Keeping the value of creation in mind

Intellectual property is now the most valuable asset that many businesses have and must be protected in law against potentially ruinous incursions

Don’t miss out on an IP gold mine

Putting a value on an intangible asset can be testing, but commercialising intellectual property is a lucrative business

Don’t overlook your intangible assets

Business assets, such as key personnel and brand value, along with damage from cyber attacks, are difficult to quantify – and are strikingly underinsured by risk managers

Valuing power of UK creativity

The UK has migrated to a knowledge economy, but too few businesses value their intellectual property, from original ideas to brand recognition, as Charles Orton-Jones reports

Creativity key to UK’s success

The UK is an innovative nation – our talent for world-leading science, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking creativity has defined our position in the world, says Intellectual Property Minister Lord Younger