Could it all be made in China by 2025?

Chinese manufacturing technology

China’s manufacturing base faces major challenges as the global economy continues to evolve, but Beijing has a master plan

Seeing a future for Google Glass 2.0?

Workers at agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO use Google Glass Enterprise Edition to view assembly instructions, make reports and get remote video support

Now targeted at manufacturing and other enterprise uses, will Google Glass succeed second time around?

Challenging China’s citadel of capitalism

China manufacturing industry

It’s the manufacturing capital of the world. Whatever you want, it is there. Motherboards, custom silicon, transistors, touch screens – a stroll through the bazaars of Shenzhen takes you past it all

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Tech innovation in food industry

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Finance function illustration

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Why the US won the race to put a man on the Moon

George Mueller, associate administrator of the Nasa Office of Manned Space Flight

The United States beat the Soviet Union to the Moon by bold project management of its space programme

China kick-starts ‘biggest project on planet Earth’

President Xi Jinping says China’s Belt and Road initiative will bring about a new golden age of globalisation

Some have called China’s One Belt, One Road initiative the greatest project management show on Earth and, although still in the early stages, it could be a goldmine for UK plc