Make smartphones and tablets work for - and not against - you

When your key executives already own the gear they need to work on the move, don’t let poor security – or fear and doubt – get in their way, writes Bryan Betts

It’s all in the mind

Get the psychology wrong in your security and users will simply find ways to work around it. But get it right and they will work with you, as Wendy Grossman reports

Protection without walls

Familiarity breeds contempt. Could that be why, as technology becomes more prevalent than ever within business, security is in some ways getting worse, not better? Guy Clapperton reports

Information security is not alone

Businesses face a whole spectrum of risks, but rather than waste effort by taking each in isolation, the real dividends will come from a holistic and layered defence, writes Kevin Townsend

The state of pay

The long-awaited mobile revolution is finally upon us and is poised to transform the payments landscape as we know it. Nick Martindale reports

Battle for online supremacy

The choice of online payment providers is limited, but new technologies and legislation could change that, writes Graeme Burton

Regulators boost competition

New technology and the entry of non-traditional players promise a more innovative payments industry. But regulators must ensure that the interests of consumers and businesses are properly safeguarded in this period of profound change, writes Geoff Nairn

Getting the message out

Raising awareness among customers and retailers about the potential of mobile payments as a means of doing business is a key challenge to overcome, warns Guy Clapperton