Why the US won the race to put a man on the Moon

George Mueller, associate administrator of the Nasa Office of Manned Space Flight

The United States beat the Soviet Union to the Moon by bold project management of its space programme

China kick-starts ‘biggest project on planet Earth’

President Xi Jinping says China’s Belt and Road initiative will bring about a new golden age of globalisation

Some have called China’s One Belt, One Road initiative the greatest project management show on Earth and, although still in the early stages, it could be a goldmine for UK plc

Humans of the near future

Future of humans 1

A new breed of human is on its way. Transhumanists are a group who seek to accelerate the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Oliver Pickup investigates the movement, the implications for humankind and asks, is it morally wrong to augment humans?

Breakthrough tech gives power to Africa

Access Power’s solar plant in Uganda’s Soroti District, producing 50GW a year, is the largest of its kind in East Africa

Innovative clean energy alternatives signpost Africa’s energy future with impetus from foreign investment

The benefits of greenfield technology in banking explained

Greenfield technology

Established financial organisations can often be disadvantaged by outdated legacy systems and need to start afresh with so-called greenfield technology

Will supersonic travel soon be standard?

partial cut of a fighter aircraft in black and white, military aircraft, aircraft gas turbine engine

Entrepreneurs are plotting the flight path for a revival in supersonic air travel, but engineers must first make the new super jets quieter

10 top legal disruptors

Judges in wigs

From next-generation law firms to chatbots and tech-powered legal advice, here are ten startups transforming legal services

Chatbots and smart tech in law

Chatbots and smart tech in law

Strategic use of artificial intelligence by law firms is set to become a deciding factor for future success by improving client relationships and increasing profitability