Is US regulation a threat to innovation?

US patent law

Experts debate whether America’s patent rules are favouring larger organisations over independent inventors

India: a global pharma powerhouse

India pharma

India’s economy may be struggling, but its pharmaceutical industry is booming, thanks to initiatives to improve domestic access to medicine and a solid export market. But can such growth continue?

Why banks still won’t take advantage of fintech skills

Fintech digital divide

Fintechs have the technology and expertise to transform core banking systems for incumbent institutions, so why aren’t banks taking advantage?

Have we reached peak fintech?

Peak fintech

As the fintech market becomes saturated, and there is less and less differentiating brands in the same sector, the industry is entering a new era

5 innovations aiding supply chain sustainability

5 forward thinking examples changing supply chain

Five forward-thinking examples are changing the game when it comes to supply chain sustainability

Why AI won’t replace human inventors

AI & Innovation

Artificial intelligence can power creative thinking through processing and analysing of large amounts of data, but experts believe it will only inspire human innovation, not replace it

How to create an innovative culture

Innovative culture

Bold leadership and a positive approach to taking risks could see corporates transform from the disrupted to the disruptors

Green innovations to change the world

Green next-gen design

Sustainable innovation is the holy grail of modern design, but how realistic is the ambition to combine aesthetics with practicality and green credentials?