Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

When people break down through mental or physical illness and injury, help must be at hand

Getting back in the team

Injured runner

Millions of us now go to a gym or play sport to stay healthy, but many find their good intentions to keep fit are cut short by injury

Many battles to win the war for fitness

Many battles to win the war for fitness

A veteran of the Afghan war tells Edwin Smith of the day he was wounded in action and describes his fight back to health

Power of professional case management

hcml headshot

Rebuilding lives is part of everyday life for Keith Bushnell’s team. Their work at HCML helps people to recover from physical and psychological injuries, ranging from minor slips and trips to life-changing catastrophic injuries

Cinderella service could save millions

Irwine Mitchell headshot

Faster and more effective rehabilitation after hospital treatment could save the NHS and UK economy many millions of pounds

Bouncing back in sport

Paralympian Claire Harvey, captain of the GB sitting volleyball team, says business could learn from her experience of disability sport