How ingrained bias is harming female healthcare

Huow nbalanced participation in clinical trials and a basic misunderstanding of women’s health needs have resulted in unequal levels of public care

Calling time on sexist stereotypes in advertising

New rules banning sexist depictions of women cleaning and men struggling to change nappies will force advertising to be more creative, instead of relying on harmful, outdated stereotypes

It’s time to tackle the gender pension gap

More needs to be done to ensure women are as financially prepared for retirement as men, yet experts remain at odds over potential solutions

Financial services missing out by holding women back

While corporate America has been making incredible strides in efforts for gender representation and equality, there is still much to be done in this arena, specifically within the financial services industry

Tackling the stigma around male infertility

Man sitting on steps

Fertility is a medical frontier where the gender gap is disturbingly wide and male infertility an under-researched part of the conception equation

Female inventors and gender imbalance in patent applications

Woman inventor concept

Patent holders are usually men as, for a number of reasons, women tend to go unrecognised as inventors

Reward top performers with higher pay

Office worker in a lift

Should employees who add value or bring in more business get greater reward?

Ringing changes in city of projects

Raymond Snoddy interviews a leading woman in the role of project manager and discovers that women are on the rise