India: a global pharma powerhouse

India pharma

India’s economy may be struggling, but its pharmaceutical industry is booming, thanks to initiatives to improve domestic access to medicine and a solid export market. But can such growth continue?

Will India’s payments ever be fully mobile?

sign for PayTM mobile payments system in window of Indian rickshaw

Cashless transactions are surging across India, but mobile payments could stumble over a series of obstacles

Five countries shaking up tax reporting

Meet the pioneering nations leading the push to electronic invoicing

Practical steps for building a global ecommerce presence

Start building your global ecommerce operation now - just one of the pieces of practical advice yielded by Raconteur's webinar "Going global: the ecommerce era"

Indian crypto caution could stifle innovation

Once a front runner in cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, India has now sought to shut down trading

Beauty star rising among India’s rich

Indian fashion designer Abhi Singh’s spring summer collection at the Amazon India Fashion Week in New Delhi in October

The beauty economy is blossoming in India among the world’s biggest democracy’s rising middle classes

Digitally transforming a whole economy

Men in India with their smart phones

The potential of a digital economy in India, the planet’s second most populous nation, is enormous with benefits for business and citizens alike

Ganges superbugs are threat to world health

Man in rowing boat on River Ganges

The UK is helping India clean up life-threatening and septic contamination of the sacred River Ganges which endangers world health