Time off incentives can boost productivity

Incentivising top performers with time off rather than just cash bonuses is not widespread, but some believe it could boost profitability

Export markets pitch for business

Knowing which export markets to target is key to overseas success, so we invited five leading contenders for UK business to make a case for investment to come their way

Developing products and services customers want

Using a limited research and development budget to best effect could be the difference between success and failure, as Jonathan Weinberg reports

Focusing on project goals can score for the whole team

Effective project management can not only achieve focused objectives, but can also result in wider and longer-term benefits for an organisation as a whole, writes Chris Johnston

Damage limitation is a matter of proper structure

Global businesses face risks from all sides, but how can risk integration in corporate structures affect organisational behaviour for the better? Alex Cardno investigates

Investing in staff with company share schemes

In a recession, it’s hard to keep employees on staff, let alone on side. Employee share schemes make workers feel better appreciated by their employer and have a positive effect across the whole organisation, writes Clare Bettelley

Tax bonanza for UK patents

In just two months the UK will have a fiscal regime for innovative companies that will be the envy of many tax havens, writes Kathryn Cooper

Will Patent Box alter culture?

The jury is out on the impact of tax incentives incorporated in the government’s Patent Box. Patent attorney Ilya Kazi adjudicates