Immigration: can fintech help with the transition?

Immigrants face an array of financial hurdles when arriving in a new country and some startups are now offering services unavailable from established institutions. True inclusion, however, requires a concerted effort from wider stakeholders to support such initiatives

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Migrants wait for La Bestia, the frieght train used to hitch a perilous ride north

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico to keep out Central American migrants, but many are desperate enough to try anyway

Brexit: we need to talk about migration

UK Border Agency's passport control

The UK government has to try to negotiate a way out of the European Union’s freedom of movement agreements and a place in the single market against a toxic backdrop

UK immigration stance is ‘damaging’, say Indian entrepreneurs

Leading businesspeople from the Indian Diaspora warn that the UK government’s stance on immigration is making the country less attractive for investment