Is HR doing too much?

HR doing too much

As recognition of the importance of human resources grows, is HR taking on too much?

HR analytics: the human factor

When it comes to analysing a workforce, qualitative results can be just as important as the quantitative

HR tech: should you go sector giant or niche challenger?

office building at night with purple and blue windows

Holistic solutions from the tech giants now have to compete with smaller, niche providers, with barriers to entry in the HR software market lower than ever

Treat staff as customers

Talent is critical to the success of any transformation effort, yet the human resources department is not often seen as a strategic partner, as Hannah Prevett reports

Staff opinion drives firms forward

Keeping staff happy is good for business, but involves more than pay rises, as Charles Orton-Jones discovers

Re-align business and boost profits

Despite what carefully constructed adverts in airports and business magazines may claim, business transformation is not a silver bullet designed to save money and earn an executive promotion. But what is it and how do you do it successfully? Tim Stafford explains