Modular homes are the future of UK housing

modular homes wall

To meet the demands of modern construction, it’s time for the business to unilaterally embrace design for manufacture

Top employers are helping with city housing

Shortages of affordable housing have left employers worried about recruiting and retaining top talent, so now some are taking action

How to save for a house deposit in 2017

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It’s an uncertain time for first-time buyers, but a range of options are available to help desperate savers become homeowners

How tech is shaking up the housing sector

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From virtual reality to online platforms, technology is changing expectations and shaking up the role of the traditional high street estate agent

Top tips for successful property investment

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Investing in property can be a daunting process for even the seasoned investor as the industry adjusts to new regulation and swings in value. Here are nine top tips from industry experts to guide you through a constantly changing market

Should you use your pension pot to invest in property?

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Property investment can deliver long-term value growth, so relying on it for your retirement can offer huge potential but comes at a risk

Is investing in property still the safest bet?

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Despite the uncertainties of Brexit and impact of new legislation, the housing market may still be a good place to invest, possibly through crowdfunding

Fixing Britain’s housing crisis

It’s a political hot potato – and building enough new homes will boost the UK’s economy as well as win votes