Odds improve for in-room tablets

In-room tablets are no longer restricted to luxury hotels – new innovations make going digital a reality for mid-market hotels too

Where everyone is a VIP

As Neil Moffitt signs a commitment to a further five years with the company, he discusses the history of Hakkasan Group and how the business has become a global force in luxury hospitality

Cheering a star experience

The Heineken Experience is an innovative multimedia tour of the company’s history and brewing processes at its original site in the centre of Amsterdam – and it’s getting rave reviews

Brexit and the future of the hospitality industry

Robin Rossmann, managing director of STR, a benchmarking specialist that tracks data for more than 65 per cent of available hotel rooms in the UK and over seven million around the world, analyses the current state of the hospitality industry in the midst of political tension, security concerns and a changing market

Welcome to the experience economy

Brands are investing in an experience economy where consumer audiences can immerse themselves in live interactive marketing events often boosted by latest technologies

Hotels: the new home away from home

They are not only changing the way they sell their rooms, hotels are also transforming the nature of staying away from home

Showing the value of events

Why hold marketing events and why is it critical to measure their return on investment?

The real meaning of hospitality

Corporate hospitality as a term has been in existence for many years, however it means many things to many people – if your perception is it’s formal, that you have to buy in large quantities and it has no perceived or measurable value, then please read on…