The hospitality industry is set to thrive


The value of the hospitality industry to the UK economy may be overlooked, but it is poised to sustain economic revival

Are we looking for a less formal fine dining experience?


Dining trends are changing with the times as top restaurants serve up a more relaxed, conversational menu

Smart data gets hotel guests coming back


Collecting and analysing consumer data is a win-win for guests, who get personalised offers and a superior service, and for hotels that can upsell and grow new business

House sharing is shaking up the UK hotel sector

air bnb

Hotels can learn from disruptors such as Airbnb that have introduced the hospitality industry to the sharing economy and delivered a stark wake-up call

Churchillian resolve to beat hospitality’s Brexit blues


Weighing up the pros and cons of Brexit for the hospitality industry underlines the need for a robust response to seize opportunities and deal with the drawbacks

Tech platforms revolutionising business travel

There was a time when a well-used eye mask and worn neck pillow identified a business traveller as a seasoned globetrotter – now it’s a smartphone and apps

Corporate hospitality events are seeing a good ROI


It comes at a price, but increasingly inventive corporate hospitality creates a valuable bond with clients and business partners – and delivers a return on investment

Cloud Hotel PMS: A paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests

Hotel receptionist welcoming a hotel guest personally for a tablet based check in with a mobile hotel PMS

In a world of instant and digitally dominated lifestyles, how is it that hotels don’t engage with guests prior to their arrival – or later, for that matter?