What an equity exodus means for wealth managers

Equity exodus

High-net-worth individuals are shunning equities, traditionally a lucrative part of the market for many wealth managers. So what impact will this have on the industry?

Bernie Ecclestone on why he isn’t leaving F1

Bernie Eccelstone

He is synonymous with Formula 1 – millions of TV viewers around the world know him as the man on the grid, surrounded by celebrities, before the racing starts

Taxing issue of politics and wealth

Taxing issues of politics and wealth

How wealthy individuals should be taxed has become a hot topic in the run-up to the general election

How the super-rich spend

Where the world's millionaires reside

Where are UHNWIs located globally, what goods are they buying and from which brands? Will Grahame-Clarke provides a window into the life of luxury shopping

What pension freedom means for rich

What pensions freedom means for the rich

Revolutionary pension reform may have unexpected consequences for the well-off

Where the well-off are buying property

London hotspots

The super-rich continue to invest in global property hotspots, but they are keeping an eye on plans for higher UK taxes

Taking property to new heights

Money is no object for the super-rich when it comes to buying property in prime locations around the globe, as Elizabeth Pfeuti reports

Where the money is

As the focal point of new wealth shifts to the East, who are the super-rich and where are they keeping their cash? Elliot Wilson finds out