Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Taking antiretroviral drugs to prevent contracting HIV has greatly reduced infection, but so far success has been achieved by DIY campaigners

HIV/AIDS: Are we winning the fight?

The spread of antiretroviral drug therapy has led to a profound decrease in AIDS-related deaths worldwide

HIV ignorance is still cutting lives short

Today is World Aids Day, a reminder that HIV has not gone away and there is still a vital need to raise awareness, fight prejudice and improve education

Living with HIV: outlook improving but stigma remains

Prescribed effective medication, people living with HIV now have healthy bodies, but social attitudes have yet to catch up with the medical advances – and rid minds of stigma

UN warns African Aids pandemic is far from over

Stigma and laws making homosexuality illegal are among barriers preventing the spread of treatments which could end this most destructive pandemic

Fast track to end aids in Africa

Science and medicine exist to end the Aids epidemic in Africa, says Michel Sidibé, UNAids executive director

Elusive HIV vaccine could be within reach

The quest for a wonder vaccine to protect against HIV/Aids is moving into an exciting stage of development

Milestones in the history of HIV and Aids

The history of HIV/Aids is a story of pain, fear, hate and ignorance of a scourge which has claimed more than 35 million lives worldwide