Hunting the last Nazis

Illustration of an old Nazi in prison

Ninety-five-year-old Oskar Gröning, the ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz,’ could be one of the last men to stand trial for allegedly participating in the Holocaust

The Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List

The ideal dinner party offers guests a night to remember. It’s also a who’s who, with every guest putting their best foot forward. Raconteur presents our ultimate guest list, as voted for by over 400 readers, friends, authors, journalists, and politicians

The world’s most inspirational people

Figures of inspiration in front of globe

Inspiration has many faces, spans many centuries, and lives big and small. Here are the world’s most inspirational people as voted for by 2,000 readers, followers, writers and contemporary figures

The greatest inventions of all time

Greatest Inventions of all time 2

Inventions showcase the best of human creativity, and can almost always be linked to what great ideas came before. Raconteur counts down the greatest inventions of all time from the results of a survey of over 400 scientists, tech journalists, academics, authors and interested readers

The world’s greatest storytellers


Great storytelling is the summation of innumerable qualities and factors, and who we laud as the greatest of them all is more a question of diversity than of consensus, as Raconteur discovered in a survey of authors, journalists, professionals and students

Focus on photographic images

Michael Pritchard, director general of the Royal Photographic Society, plots the progress of photography to a fully accepted art form

Pictures make time stand still

At a time when the use of long exposures was the norm, inanimate and motionless objects made especially suitable subjects, writes Miranda Gavin

Keeping up appearances

A Victorian printing process is making a comeback and, as Richard Freestone reports, is delivering images that will last for ever