Three high-risk engagement strategies

Engagement initiatives too often try to encapsulate ever-changing trends that promise the earth, as companies boast about progressive ways of working for public relations purposes or “about us” pages. But what happens when the idea doesn’t quite live up to reality? Here are some revealing case studies

Flat structure vs hierarchy: does either work?

Experiments in scrapping command-and-control management structures have not always been a success, so is there another way of empowering staff?

How to beat the bureaucracy holding business back

Stifling procedures can suffocate creativity and alienate staff, underlining the need to strip out unnecessary bureaucracy

Harnessing a smarter workforce

For the majority of the world’s population, the last decade has been a time of unprecedented change. Making sense of this new world will differentiate successful organisations from the rest in the first half of the 21st century, says Duke Daehling of Kenexa, an IBM company