Tackling the stigma around male infertility

Man sitting on steps

Fertility is a medical frontier where the gender gap is disturbingly wide and male infertility an under-researched part of the conception equation

Why the UK public need to take dental health more seriously

Dental health check up

Despite the importance of oral health, too many people in the UK neglect their teeth and gums

Do you have social jet lag?

Social jet lag

Shaking up your sleep pattern at the weekend could have consequences on your long-term health, a new study finds

‘The next government must have a clear strategy to grow the UK’s status as a world leader in innovation and access to medicines’

The men and women who work in the pharmaceutical industry make a positive contribution to millions of patients, every day, in every corner of the world – we help to change, improve and save lives

What is the true price of good health?

Pfizer and Flynn Pharma were fined £90 million collectively for allegedly charging the NHS excessive prices for phenytoin

With notable examples of price hikes, there is a public perception that drug companies attempt to rip off the NHS

The story of beauty and the good bacteria

Tropical probiotics are now in increased demand as an obsession with cleanliness has led to an imbalance of microbiomes

A modern obsession with cleanliness may not be serving our skin well and probiotics research could turn the beauty industry upside down

5 troubling skin condition myths busted

Skin conditions

The skin is our largest organ, which protects us from a multitude of intruders, and is also a good mirror of our general health. But there are a number of troubling conditions, some of which carry persistent myths

How to look good and feel great

Person meditating

Beauty at face value is being challenged by an holistic approach to feeling beautiful through achieving overall wellness