What is proptech?

It sounds like the latest tech trend to hit headlines and attract investment, but proptech is about more than digital transformation. Technology can help put purpose, culture shift and customer experience at the heart of the property sector

From field to fork in 2030

As awareness of climate change and waste grows, the way we produce and consume food has to change, and new technology could be the answer

Water under threat: new technology is the answer

Emerging technologies have the potential to supply previously unobtainable data and provide solutions to global water shortages

Green IT can champion cuts in carbon emissions

man in server room

Improving systems’ efficiency and using renewable energy in IT are just two ways of cutting carbon emissions

It’s time for sustainability to get radical

Factory pollution

If sustainability now demands radical solutions, we must fully embrace technology and use it to sustain the planet

The latest innovations in the quest for clean energy

The power sector is on the cusp of a technology breakthrough with a number of promising developments coming on stream

Developing countries lead in clean energy

The West may have begun the clean energy revolution, but developing countries are no longer playing catch-up – in fact, they are now leading the way

Clean and green energy get down to business

UK power of the future increasingly looks green as the renewable energy sector gains backing from businesses signing up to sustainable electricity generation