How UK finance is navigating sustainability

‘The UK is already the European leader in these financial techniques and I expect demand for the skills to continue to rise’

What is the future of offshore wind?

With the price of offshore electricity plummeting as the industry scales up, wind farms are now a major part of the UK’s total energy mix

5 datacentres slashing their environmental impact

As big data gets ever bigger, so do datacentres, gobbling up more energy and spewing out harmful greenhouse gases. Here are five innovative projects slashing their environmental impact

Groundbreaking uses of cryptos and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are widely regarded as trading assets, but along with blockchain they offer groundbreaking uses in sectors such as personal finance, housing and energy. Here are five innovative examples

Financing sustainable energy for developing economies

Impact investing is a major opportunity for developing economies and provides basic services to the poorest people

Cash-strapped cities are battlegrounds for clean energy

Traffic congestion in the Chinese capital Beijing, home to almost 22 million people

Ever-expanding towns and cities, too often strapped for cash, are the battleground for clean growth

The democratisation of energy

Democratisation of energy market

Success of the peer-to-peer economy, from Airbnb to Uber, paves the way for the democratisation and disintermediation of the energy market, aided by advances in technology

Fears for UK green targets after Brexit

Person walking past Westminster with pinwheels on the grass

Progress of renewable energy has suffered recent setbacks in the UK, but green alternatives to coal, oil and gas still offer long-term promise