UK is on course to meet energy targets

Energy Secretary Ed Davey

Energy Secretary Ed Davey (pictured) gives Raymond Snoddy an optimistic progress report on his Cabinet portfolio

Clean technology offers new hope

The Government should choose a future of renewable energy and ditch carbon pollution that is fuelling global warming, says Greenpeace UK climate and energy campaigner Lawrence Carter

Time for a fracking charm offensive?

It has split public opinion and tempers are still rising. Fracking for shale gas is a contentious issue, but supporters claim it holds huge potential benefits for the UK economy, as Jim McClelland reports

New standard for managing assets

January 2014 saw a milestone in the evolution of recognised best practice for asset management. The first international standard for asset management, ISO 55000, was published after three years of collaboration, debate and consensus-building between 31 countries, as David McKeown, chief executive of the Institute of Asset Management, explains

Digital by default: the pros and cons

Is it time to “replumb” public services or is current government digitisation simply tinkering round the edges?

Trusted partner looks to future

With a 200-year history and as a long-term trusted partner of the UK government, De La Rue has embraced many technology shifts of which the move to digital public services is the most recent

Tackling climate change

A clean revolution is underway, but must be sustained by the political will to check global warming, says Mark Kenber, chief executive of The Climate Group

Developing products and services customers want

Using a limited research and development budget to best effect could be the difference between success and failure, as Jonathan Weinberg reports