Why is tech transformation in the public sector slowing down?

Hall of data servers

Transforming the public sector into a digital powerhouse began with a full head of steam, but may now have lost volition

5 councils using tech to cut costs

Glasgow City Council

Technological innovations are saving cash-strapped councils millions of pounds and at the same time improving services for council taxpayers, including some vulnerable residents

Trident: war-gaming the future

The UK parliament will vote this month on whether to renew the country’s nuclear deterrent. To do so would be to take an expensive punt on what kind of security threat the country will face decades down the line

Franchising flourishes as revenues rocket

Franchising in the UK is now taking off as the industry increases in value and is demanding the wider recognition it deserves

Uncertainty over UK energy mix

The focus on ensuring a secure and stable energy supply presents challenges while there is uncertainty over the future direction of UK government policy

Events industry helps power UK economy

Events industry helps power UK economy

In terms of generating employment, government tax revenue and spending by delegates, the business events sector is a UK economic powerhouse

Power behind F1’s winning global drive

Power behind F1’s winning global drive

Such is the popularity of Formula 1 around the world, national governments pay to stage a prestigious grand prix

Get advice on how to enjoy your retirement income

Finding the right

Pension planning is more important than ever in the wake of the government’s ‘freedom’ reforms