Cash is still popular in an electronic world

Future of Payments special report Raconteur card payments

Progression towards electronic payments continues, but could we ever do without some cash?

Getting to the heart of a societal problem

public health cardiovascular

Despite great strides forward, cardiovascular disease remains a killer, particularly among the less well off in society.

Governments in race for blockchain

The Bank of England recently announced the successful test of an interledger programme to synchronise a payment between two central banks’ systems

A distributed ledger, which promises global transparency in financial and other dealings, could become a tool of government in a new age of finance

Upgrading the public sector to an e-government

In times of government spending cuts, public sector bodies face an uphill climb to digitise services, but the rewards can be worth the struggle

The role of government in workforce engagement

Man on bike outside Parliament

Despite having a central role to play in offering incentives to organisations to promote staff engagement, government has made cutbacks

General Election 2017: what on earth happens now?

A demonstrator wears a mask depicting Britain's Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May, poses with a mock gravestone bearing the words "Hard Brexit, RIP", during a protest photocall near the entrance 10 Downing Street in central London on June 9, 2017 as results from a snap general election show the Conservatives have lost their majority.

The people have spoken. Again. Now, a hung parliament, a humiliated Tory leader and a resurgent Labour Party have to work out what the people meant. As the parties try to navigate this vastly altered political landscape, Will Green asks: what on earth happens now?

Growing the digital economy

Matt Hancok Minister of State for Digital and Culture

The government is backing full-fibre broadband rollout, promoting digital skills training and cyber-security measures, as well as internet safety for children

UK is a digital world leader – but can businesses keep up?

The UK’s digital economy is powering ahead as advances in broadband speeds, mobile connectivity, cloud computing and data analysis transform the business landscape