Government procurement must get smarter to succeed

gareth rhys williams, government chief procurement officer

The government’s chief commercial officer tells how he aims to get taxpayers the best deal when awarding sometimes billion-pound contracts

Why governments are building their own cryptocurrencies

Governments around the world, from Sweden to Venezuela, are keen to develop their own virtual currencies and digital payment options

US government faces giant IT challenges

Challenges of adopting cloud for US government

Utilising the cloud to adopt e-government is patchy in America where federal agencies face major challenges

A new era of brand building for CEOs

Neflix CEO Reed Hastings

A chief executive’s influence is great, both inside and outside their organisation, but the nature of authority is changing along with how business leaders shape brands

The future of government is digital

UK border passport control

Innovative technology is gaining momentum and is poised to transform the public sector, slashing costs and upgrading services

Could cryptocurrency come into the mainstream?

Bitcoins accepted sign

Governments are beginning to bring cryptocurrency in from the cold as its value is recognised particularly in the online economy

Protecting elections from cyberattacks

James Comey courtroom

Authorities are struggling to combat hackers intent on influencing “democratic” elections

Governing AI: Can regulators control artificial intelligence?

Arrested robot with handcuffs

In conversation with Dr Greg Benson, professor of computer science at the University of San Francisco, about the many challenges facing regulators in a world that could soon be dominated by robots.