Getting government backing

Government support is critical to growing the business events industry on an international stage. But do the current incumbents do enough? Clare Gascoigne investigates

Ecosystem services hold key to keeping forests alive

Forestry investment has traditionally focused on the sale of wood, but a market for the other services that forests provide is emerging, writes Felicia Jackson

Technology helps businesses flex

Forget nine to five - in the 21st century successful businesses need to be far less rigid, writes Nick Gordon

Don’t let tricksters wipe you out

Old-style fraudsters are still out there, but today’s internet criminal is as likely to be a confidence trickster aiming to steal your corporate data and use you for spam, warns Robert Schifreen

Business leads the way

Whether through self-interest or altruism, multinational companies play an increasingly important role in combating HIV. Kathryn Tully meets two key figures in the global campaign to save lives

Staying in control

Finding the right cosmetic practitioner can be daunting, especially in a market that is largely unregulated. Vicky Eldridge explores how to safeguard yourself against rogue aesthetic practitioners